Carna4- Hand Crafted Dog Food

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The Carna4 difference:

As a research-based company, we created Carna4 with a team of nutritionists, engineers and food scientists, who have graduate degrees in biochemistry, nutrition and biology. Our team also has more than 50 years combined industry experience in developing complete and balanced pet foods.

We also enlist the services of Mortec Scientific Inc., a third-party research and laboratory testing firm that specializes in food, pet food and natural health products for some of the most well-known consumer goods companies. Mortec also works with North America’s leading scientist in the field of identifying, classifying and transferring probiotics (or “good bacteria”).

With these experts, we set out to create a truly natural pet food that would surpass all others by combining 100% fresh, table-grade meat (and no meat meal) with the powerof sprouted seeds and gentle baking to maximize the density of bio-available nutrientsand flavor.

What happened next surprised all of us. The team surpassed expectations by formulating the first food to use only natural, pure food ingredients to greatly exceed AAFCO standards for the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients dogs need for all life stages and provide outstanding levels of antioxidants, live probiotics and enzymes. This success means that unlike other pet foods, we don’t need to add any synthetic or manmade additives. That means no vitamin and mineral pre-mixes and no preservatives.

How can this be? Essentially, Carna4 delivers pure, naturally boosted nutrition thanks to its recipe of sprouted seeds, table-grade meat, whole produce and herbs, which are gently baked to seal in the most bio-available nutrients and flavor possible

Carna4 All Life Stages Chicken dry dog food is available in four sizes of convenient, resealable bags: 3 lb/1.36 kg, 6 lb/2.72 kg, 13 lb/5.90 kg and 23 lb/10.4 kg. This handcrafted food is made with 100% fresh, table-grade chicken, chicken liver, eggs, wild-caught salmon, whole produce, certified organic sprouted seeds and wholesome herbs, then gently baked to give your dog balanced and highly digestible vitamins and minerals, without synthetic additives.

These natural ingredients, particularly our certified organic sprouted barley seeds, lentil seeds and flaxseeds, will give your dog superb nourishment. Each of these seeds alone offers a wealth of nutrients and thanks to their high levels of naturally occurring antioxidant sources and Omega-3 fatty acids. Flaxseeds have even been called a modern miracle food. By using these seeds in a sprouted state, we boost our food’s bio-available amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probiotics, Omega-3s and antioxidants to levels unheard of (till now) but all within ideal ranges.

Ingredient List:Fresh Chicken, Chicken Liver, Eggs, Certified Organic Sprouted Barley Seed, Wild Salmon, Whole Vegetables (Peas, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Spinach, Garlic), Amaranth, Whole Brown Rice, Certified Organic Sprouted Green Lentils, Potato Starch, Certified Organic Sprouted Flaxseed, Certified Organic Sprouted Red Lentils, Whole Apples, Sea Salt, Kelp, Yucca Schidigera, Rosemary and Parsley

Made in Canada with North American ingredients, always fresh, no synthetics!!

Carna4- Hand Crafted Dog Food
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