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ALLAY Calm Canine -Dog Training


Behaviour & Relationship Based Dog Training  

Let us show you how to improve your relationship with your dog through our simple yet comprehensive behavior and relationship based training system. Get the calm and respectful dog you have always wanted with lifelong training support.

Our unique training program is designed to make the most effective use of your time:
  • First, we train the dog
  • Then we teach the humans
  • Spend time practicing together
  • Provide lifelong ongoing support



Allay [uh-ley] verb

1. Allay, moderate, soothe, mean to reduce excitement or emotion. To allay is to lay to rest or lull to a sense of security, possibly by making the emotion seem unjustified: to allay suspicion, anxiety, fear and anger. To moderate is to tone down any excess and thus to restore calm



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