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Welcome to Canvasback's Canine Club

Dogs are our lives and our life's passion. They teach us invaluable lessons, bring us joy and in turn make us better humans.
 Every dog is unique, we adore their quirky personalities, humorous nature, their ability to always be present in the moment and to love unconditionally. Our mission is to ensure that the dogs in our care thrive. That means taking the time to really learn what the each individual dog needs and providing them with the enviroment to flourish.

-Health & Safety are always #1 
-10 years of successful dog care
 -Professionally run training based facility
 -Highly trained, passionate & educated staff
 -24/7 care—because your dog's safety is paramount
 -Honesty, Transparency and Kindness are non-negotiables  

Daycare & Playschool

About Our Day Services
Group play is always 100% supervised no exceptions. Our facility is unique because we provide a structured daycare with skilled, attentive guardians, who teach our dogs that we will always be their advocates. The dogs in our care should never feel the need to act out because they feel unheard or unsafe. Our ultimate goal is to create a safe, happy, and healthy environment where all dogs can thrive, and we always strive for their success. At the end of the day, we want your dog to return home feeling and acting just as good, if not better bahaved than when they arrived!  Everything we do, we do with the dogs best interest in mind and we will always have open, honest, transparent conversations about your dogs behavior and needs. 

Littles Daycare, Daycare & Playschool
Littles Daycare A full day of supervised socialization is available exclusively for little ones under 30lbs and puppies under 6 months. They can enjoy their own indoor playroom with a view of the big dogs and separate outdoor areas in the Littles & Puppies Penthouse, which includes a cozy nap spot for when it's time to snooze. 

Daycare is a full day of supervised socialization with a lunch break and rest periods as needed. For carefree social butterflies who love to hang out with their dog friends all day. 
 Playschool Includes a full day of Daycare plus extra 1-on-1 time. Great for social dogs who need occasional guidance from their Aunts & Uncles, this can include dogs who need to enter the group on leash, intact dogs over 6 months, and high energy dogs who need more stimulation or exercise. Typical days vary based on the individual dog needs, our team will always do our best to ensure your dogs time is spent in the most positive ways. 
Day Services Hours:
Monday to Friday 7am - 6pm
 Drop off 7am-9:30am, Pick up 3:30pm-6:00pm 
 Closed Weekends & Holidays

 Our daily capacity is limited, and reservations are mandatory for all daycare & plasychool visits. Proof of vaccinations is required, and dogs over six months must undergo a social assessment prior to their first day.

Canvasback Canine Club

Our Ammendities:
-Two Indoor Playrooms
-Additional Littles Only Dog Indoor Playroom
-Two Outdoor Play Yards 
-Grass Play Yard (Seasonal)
-SplashBark Summer Water Park (Seasonal)
-Additional Littles Only Outdoor Play Yard
-Apartment with Primary Bedroom for Royal Snugglers

Our location: 1 Wellink Drive Lockport Manitoba

Boarding Overnight Care

About Our Overnight Dog Boarding Services
All our overnight services include 24/7 on site care because safety should never be an option. 
 We are dog lovers ourselves and we understand just how it is hard to be away from your dog. Our kind, passionate and hard working staff will always go above and beyond to ensure your dogs truly enjoy their stay with us. We understand all dogs are individuals and have different needs to feel safe, happy and fulfilled that is why we offer a vast selection of services and stay enhancements to customize their stay. 
Daytime Activity Options: Daycare, Playschool
 Overnight Accommodation Options: Private Kennel, Sleepy Pod, Primary Bedroom
Stay Enhancements & Overnight Prices
All Stay Enhancements include a "Pup-date" that is an email home with photos or video of your dog enjoying their activity so you can see how much fun they are having during their staycation with us. 
Your Choice: VIP Stay Enhancements
here are some of our favourite options
 Extra Love: Cuddle Session, Massage, Brush-out,
 Extra Play: Long Line Sniffy Walk, Fetch Session, Food Games
 Extra Skills: Learn Treadmill, Practice Loose Leash Walk, 
 Your Choice: Pre-Home Pamper Options
 $50 Grooming Credit 
 Pre-Home Pamper Session (Nails, Fragrance, Brushing)
Littles Sleepover $65 
Daycare Sleepover $65 
Playschool Sleepover $80
 Royal Snuggler Sleepover* $100
*Option to sleep in the bedroom and snuggle up
in the king size bed with the overnight attendant 
Fees, Discounts and Holiday Charges
 Medications $2 per
 Weekend Fee $10
 Holidays Fee $5 day of, before and after
 Single Night Intake $10
 Multiple Dog Discounts Available
 Giant Breed Fee $15 (Daycare Sleepover only)
 Extended Stay - Free Enhancements Available

 Reservations are mandatory for all overnight stays due to limited capacity. Guests must provide proof of vaccinations and bring their dogs regular food pre portioned. Additionally, dogs older than 6 months must undergo a social assessment prior to their first visit.

Frequently ask questions

1. Create your dogs account online using the sign up button at the top of the page
2. Book a social assessment using your online account account/request appointment/social assessment or via phone 204-904-7794
 3. Email your dogs vaccination records to