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Choosing a bicycle exerciser

What is the best dog bicycle attachment for exercising my dog?

There are many different types of bicycle dog exercisers and it is very important to choose the right one for your needs. Here are a few questions to help determine which dog bicycle arm is for you.....

What size is your dog?  
Small, Medium, Large or Giant

It is important to consider the size of your dog(s) as some bicycle attachments are designed specifically for certain size dogs. 

How often do you plan on using you bicycle attachment?
Once and a while or every day

If you are planning on using the dog bicycle exerciser every day it is important to choose one that will be durable and last a lifetime. 

Does your dog pull on leash?
Yes like crazy!, Only when excited or No, my dog is never pulls

 We have rated the various dog Bicycle attachments below from light to heavy duty. If your dogs pulls a LOT and can be easily distracted than we suggest a more heavy duty bicycle arm. 



Okay great! Now let's look at the available options, listed below from light to heavy duty.


1. Woof Cycle Bicycle Trotter

Best for small to medium sized dogs. Not recommended for large dogs or dogs that pull like crazy! 


2. Dog Bicycle Protection Arm

Best for dogs over 25lbs and dogs who are semi-obedient. 


3. Cycleash Universal Bicycle Attachment 

Best for dog over 35lbs or taller than 12" at the shoulders. Works well with large dogs or dogs that pull. 


4. Springer Dog Bicycle Jogger

Best for Medium to Giant dogs. The Springer is the safest option for dogs that pull like crazy. 

 Finally, your dog needs to wear a properly fitted body harness. Choke chains, head collars or neck collars are dangerous and put to much pressure on the dog's throat & neck. 


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