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Enriched Canine Services

Superior canine services with a focus on health, safety and fulfilment
Dogs make us better

Dogs are our lives and our life's passion. They teach us invaluable lessons, bring us joy and in turn make us better humans. 

Every dog is dynamic, with their own combination of strengths and weaknesses. We adore their quirky personalities,  humorous nature, their ability to always be present in the moment and to love unconditionally.

 Our mission is to ensure that the dogs in our care thrive. That means taking the time to really learn what the each individual dog needs to flourish. To not just be physically tired but biologically and emotionally fulfilled. 

We are crazy passionate about dogs

We have a highly skilled team of full time dogs care givers who constantly monitor the physical, mental and emotional well being of the dogs in our care. We become your dogs extended family and prefer to be called Aunties. Your dogs Auntie gets to know and love each dog like their own. 

Priority on health & Safety

Health and safety is our #1 priority and is taken into consideration when we design our programs and with every interaction and activity.  Here are some example of how we go above & beyond to be the safest dog care facility:

All paid staff, no volunteers. Minimum of two staff members during all group actives 

All dogs are fully temperament assessed by our on staff dog trainer with over 6 years experience with group socialization

Dogs taken off property on walks are teether to their auntie with a heavy duty mountain climbing belt with special leashes that attach to a collar back-up

We use only specialized dog friendly veterinary grade disinfect and surfaces are cleaned minimum of once a day. 

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overnight & luxury stays

Superior quality personalized care
stays designed for your dog

All dogs are unique and have special needs based on their age, activity level, preferences and passions. We work hard to ensure we are fulfilling your dogs individual requirements on a daily basis

Our custom schedules are essential because all dogs have unique needs. 


A young high energy, highly social dog will have completely different needs and thereore daily schedule vs a senior dog who prefers less social activity and more one-on-one time

Custom Daily Schedules

Biological Fulfilment, Exploration & Exercise
Socialization & Group Play
Personalized One on One Time
Quiet Time Activities

Activities & Enrichment

-Movie Nights
-Stuffed Kongs, Chew Bones
-Treadmill Training
-Snuggles, Brushing or Petting
-Long Line Walks, Jogging
-Trails & Exploring
-Scent Work & Games  
-Resistance Training
-Agility & Balance Games
-Fun Treat Training

deeper look at exercise

Types of exercises that can used in combination to create the perfect balance for your dog
Food Exercises = Great for relieving stress and settling down
Scent Exercises = One of the best options to exercise the dog mentally. 
Social Exercises = socializing works the dog both mentally & physically
Physical Exercises:
-Endurance = best for young, healthy, high energy dogs. 
-Strength = perfect for dogs who enjoy resistance 
-Balance & Flexibility = helps keep dogs limber and builds confidence 


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Victor Ko

Victor Ko

Victor Ko

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Adventure & Discovery Camps

Fulfilment, connecting with nature, bonding with friends, 
Let dogs be dogs

Our canine camps are designed to let dogs be dogs. Getting dirty, chasing leaves, tracking, there is nothing quite like a day spent exploring in the fresh air to tucker you out. During the camp we focus on finding your dogs hidden passions, letting them discovery their own interests. 

We offer both on-site and off-site adventure & discovery camps. 
Adventure Canine Camps

What dog dreams are made of! Nature, friends and exploring makes a for a true dog vacation.

Our Adventure camps are designed to let dogs be dogs. Getting dirty, chasing leaves, tracking, running around with friends, there is nothing quite like a day spent exploring in the fresh air to tucker you out. During the camp, we focus on finding your dogs' hidden passions, letting them discover their own interests. Every day we will spend some time working on improving their obedience like recall, leash skills, doorway manners plus fun exercises designed to improve their impulse control. 

3 Days Discovery Camp
5 Day Adventure Camps

Puppy Discover Camp

Our Puppy Discovery Camp is the perfect destination for puppies to have new experiences while learning lifelong skills and developing their confidence, social skills and manners. 

We encourage our puppies to explore while we guide them to have positive exposures to many different types of environments, sights, noises, smells that build their confidence. They will leave happy, health, totally tuckered out and smelling great.

3 Day Puppy Discovery Camp

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Daycare & Playschool

DAYCARE & Playschool

We are seriously passionate about quality canine socialization.  Health & safety are top priorities but we also focus a lot of attention on their emotional wellbeing and overall behaviour. 

- Two indoor play areas 

- Four outdoor play areas

- Full time highly trained and skilled staff (we prefer to be called Aunties)

-Limited number of dogs daily to ensure proper supervision and provide ample space to move about

-Interactions are constantly monitored and play must be reciprocated by all so no bullying, pestering or unwanted chasing.

-All dogs over 6 months are assessed before their first visit

-All dogs must be up to date on rabies, parvo, and distemper and in good health

safe, structured & supervised

After years of experience working with dogs in all shapes & sizes, we are confident that we know exactly what dogs need in order to have safe & healthy interactions.  Our playgroups are supervised by our highly skilled "aunties" trained in animal behavior and experts in canine body language so your dog can let loose and have fun in a safe, controlled environment. 

Overtired, over-aroused, overwhelmed, overcrowded dogs are more likely to make bad decisions and get themselves into trouble. That is why we constantly monitor the dog's body language and arousal/excitement levels to ensure we are always setting our dogs up for success. This means separating the playgroup based on size, energy level, social skills, and confidence.  Occasionally young puppies and adult dogs with less social skills, or those overly enthusiastic may need more guidance given by their daycare aunties and or breaks throughout their day. 


We LOVE dogs, and we know that no two are exactly alike.  Each dog is an individual and has unique needs that is why we love our small size dog daycare. We get to know all the dog's quirks and personalities just like they are our own. Armed with this knowledge, we are able to cater their visit to ensure they have the best possible experience. 

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Focus on improving our canines lives through quality socialization, fulfilment and enrichment. 

Similar to doggie daycare but made even better. Our smaller class sizes allow for more personalized 1 on 1 time with their favourite auntie, fun enrichment games, long line sniffy walks and activities that build their obedience skills. Don't worry there will still be plenty of time for socialization with their friends. They will go home totally fulfilled, happy and most definitely tuckered out!

Playschool is designed to compliment your dogs training and is not intended to replace professional training. 

Variety of Daily Activities

Group Socialization & Play
Loose Leash Walks
Long Line Sniffy Walks
Nose Work Games
Impulse Control Training 
Pool Parties
Fenced Yard Romps & Fetch
Recall Practice
Agility Games
& More!

daily schedule

During the day we rotate the actives 

Period 1: Group Socialization, Physical Exercise
Recess: Potty Break
Period 2: Mental Stimulation, Walk, Activies or Games
Recess: Potty Break
Period 3: Down Time & Quiet Time Activities
Recess: Potty Break
Period 4: Group Socialization, Physical Exercise
Recess: Potty Break
Period 5: Mental Stimulation, Activities, Nose Games
Recess: Potty Break

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