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How to get starterd

 1. Create your dogs account online here

2. Book a social assessment using your 
online account 

  • account/request appointment/social assessment
 or via phone 204-904-7794 

3. Email your dogs vaccination records to or bring them with you to the assessment

Services FAQs

What is the difference between daycare and playschool?
Daycare is a full day of group play designed for dogs who never tire of playing with their canine friends.

Playschool includes a morning group walk, morning and afternoon group play sessions, plus activities like scent games or training.  Playschool is great for dogs who get bored in regular daycare, enjoy the extra mental stimulation and one-on-one time or thrive with more structure.

Which overnight boarding service is best for my dog?

When you bring in your dog for their social assessment, we can help you choose which service would be best suited.

The Royal Retreat is for the dogs who need or demand the most one-on-one attention. After a full day of customized activities including training options your dog can even sleep in bed with the overnight nanny, if you so choose!  Adventure Dog includes Playschool during the day vs the Bed & Biscuit includes Daycare. 

Do you accept intact adult dogs? 
Yes, intact adult dogs are welcomed in our playschool class, supportive socials and overnight services including adventure dog and Royal Retreat. 

Do you offer half day services?
We no longer offer any half day services, we have found the group settles into play easier when they all start at the same time. 

Pricing & Subscription FAQs

How much is...?

Our prices can be found online through your pets profile. Or if you prefer you can give us a call 204-904-7794

Do I need a reservation?
Yes, all services require a reservation. 

Do I need a subscription for Daycare or Playschool?

 Playschool is available as a drop in service, you can book individual days or if you prefer you can sign up for monthly subscription.

Daycare is only available with a monthly subscription. You can choose between: 

1 visits every other week (2 month)
1 visit per week (4 month)
2 visits per week (8 month)

Unlimited (20 month) 

How do subscriptions work?

Your subscription starts on the day of your pets first reservation and passes are good for 30days from the first visit. You can cancel or adjust you subscription anytime as needed. Passes can be used for any dog under the same account. Days can be set or flexible but keep in mind the dogs with set weekly days will have first priority in bookings. 

social assessment faqs

Does my dog need an assesment before his or her first visit?
Yes, all dogs over the age of 6 months require an assessment.
How long does an assessment take?
It depends on the dog, the more outgoing confident dogs tend to complete an assessment in about 15 minutes. Shy, nervous or anxious dogs will need longer and we may ask to have your dog stay for a few hours. 

What if my dog fails his or her assessment?  
We have several services available to make sure your dog will thrive with just the right amount of attention and support. If your dog needs help socializing with other dogs we have Supportive Socials where your dog is assigned a trainer to help him or her dog regain their social skills. 


Still have questions?

 Our Canine Club Admin Staff are available Monday to Friday 9:00am-4:00pm at 204-904-7794 or you can email us


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